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Entry #1

Mandatory Valentine's Day newspost

2014-02-14 10:45:32 by Amaranthus

Today this girl from my class kepting stroking my arms, legs and face, laid her legs on my legs, she also kissed me on my cheeck, and brought her lips very close to my face a lot too.

She told me she did it because she thought it was funny, and she has a boyfriend.


Also, music.


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2014-02-14 10:54:46

I say come up with some kind of plan to get back at her...

(You coming up with the plan, I'm no good with plans :[ )

Amaranthus responds:

I don't need revenge, she's pretty sweet.
Just a weird type of humour I guess.


2014-02-14 11:50:16

Oh sure, but if I did it, I'd be in cuffs!


2014-02-14 12:56:19

Wow. Loser.

Amaranthus responds:

Said the 12 year old madnessfag.


2014-02-14 13:01:31

13 To be exact dumbass.

suck my dick. at least i actully GOT a GF.

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

Is she desperate?
Also if you have a girlfriend why do you need me to suck your dick?


2014-02-14 13:02:45


Amaranthus responds:



2014-02-14 13:04:44

I Don't need you to suck my dick. Thats what my GF's for.

Amaranthus responds:

Then why did you tell me to suck your dick then?


2014-02-14 13:05:40

Cos you pissed me off.

Amaranthus responds:

Are you coming out?


2014-02-14 13:08:17

Haha I dont think so. If anything I'm pansexual.

Amaranthus responds:



2014-02-14 13:15:47

Gud 4 me. Gud 4 u cause you get to suck it!

Amaranthus responds:

Lol ok.


2014-02-14 13:51:21

That girl needs a good ol'dicking.

Amaranthus responds:

Not in the mood for sex jokes atm, really.


2014-02-14 13:52:28

Oh my god. What am I reading (in the comments)?!

Amaranthus responds:

Madnessfags sperging I guess.


2014-02-14 14:17:36

Dude, he's not a fag. Didn't you hear, he has a GIRLFRIEND :O

I know he's not lying because he unnecessarily defended himself for 6 comments afterwards.

Amaranthus responds:



2014-02-14 14:36:33

You should hit her.

And make her learn her place.

Amaranthus responds:



2014-02-14 15:17:51

Well then I can only say this... Fugetaboutit!


2014-02-14 15:33:29

Le sigh...

If you want anything to do with her, then do it.

If not then just be completely (censored so as not to hurt feelings) honest.

From experience, when you tell a girl exactly where you stand, whether it's "I want you" or "I don't want anything to do with you," she Will respond in kind.

: I'm about to be 24, by the way, so I can say that you have PLENTY of room to play and experiment, although I'm sure that it seems very important and consequential to you right now, these highschool relationships...

: They were to me

Honesty is great, but clear communication is better.

Tell a girl exactly what you want to say, don't hide.



Especially when you're inexperienced and young; at that age, she is too and all sorts of unreasonable conclusions might be drawn by both parties; Appraise the situation, appraise what you WANT, and go about DOING it!

That's all you need to do!

You will meet very few women who don't want you to be honest and direct, and you probably do NOT want anything to do with them :)

A man who not only knows, but expresses directly, what he wants appeals to almost any woman.

I fucking swear by it.

Thanks for the friend request, anyway; I'll always be honest.

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

She has a boyfriend so I'm scared.


2014-02-14 16:11:20

I see.

Well, if she wants to be into you...
And if she doesn't want her current boyfriend...
And if you're not particularly concerned about him...
And if you don't want her like some kind of soulmate/life-partner thing...
And know that she will probably only just be fucking around, but might be some great fun...

But if she's only going to toy and fuck with you, you'd best just let her be.

But if you like her, why not?

Just don't gamble too emotionally heavily on her, obviously seems to be polyamorous.

Amaranthus responds:

I'll confront her if she does it again in the future.


2014-02-14 16:15:11

Quite an odd sense of humour she has.

Amaranthus responds:

I think it's my awesome looks.


2014-02-14 16:33:00

A cocktease: Every school has atleast one

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

Can we be friends again, Cosmic.
I'm sorry.


2014-02-14 16:33:58

She sounds like a hoe

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

She's not.
She's really sweet.


2014-02-14 16:37:14

meh, why not

Amaranthus responds:

Feel free to unblock me anytime.
How's your Valentine, broheem?


2014-02-14 16:43:05

Yeah, don't play too much into her.

But if you would have a good time...

Fuck it, why not?

Amaranthus responds:

I'll have to wait, I guess.
And if she's not into me.
Well, I've been single for most of my life, I can handle it.


2014-02-14 17:08:39

I have a girl like that in my classroom, she's always flirting me but she has a boyfriend -.-


2014-02-14 17:13:28

She surely likes you, better wait till she will break up with her boyfriend.


2014-02-15 17:22:00

Dude, a girl practically made out with you just for the fun of it. That's good. You're a Balla now!

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

I guess.
It was only my cheek though.


2014-02-15 19:53:47

They say it is better to have love and lost, than to have never loved at all.

Amaranthus responds:

I'm a bit depressed now, though.


2014-02-16 13:58:59

Dude... Rape's always an option if you're up for it, no pun intended :)

Realtalk doe, learn to enjoy the little things, and most importantly... Never put dat pussy on a pedastal

Amaranthus responds:

But I'm crushing on her.


2014-02-16 14:01:27

You better crush that pussy then!!!
Wait for her to break up and get your chance, or be a scummy scumbag and try to steal her :)

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

What if she doesn't break up?
And what if she's not into me?!


2014-02-16 14:03:16

You'll cry. A lot. I know that feeling. But life goes on. And there's plenty a fish in the sea... OR SHOULD I SAY PUSSY AIGHT WHO'S WITH ME CAN A BROTHER RELATE

(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

If I don't get to date her, can I date you?


2014-02-16 14:08:42

For $4.99/hour, sure! :) Haha, I'll be here if she's not all that into you...
If she isn't, then just think of this: if you like her, but she doesn't realise how awesome you are, she's probably AIGHT, but she's not the knees of the bees

Amaranthus responds:

You sound really cute, baby.


2014-02-16 14:14:28

I guess I'm aight. Not the knees of the bees though

Amaranthus responds:

Pics plz.


2014-02-16 20:01:10

This is probably the worst advice advice ever but in my opinion you should probably just be upfront with her. Ask her if she's into you, and if she is, then ask if she wants to leave her boyfriend for you. Just ask her, and if she does leave him, then congrats! If she says no, then...well damn.

I mean, the way I see it: I, personally, would rather just go through a quick (if painful) rejection (though you might not be rejected) than have the anxiety of a million questions flood my every thought. The sooner you ask, the sooner you can get her if she says yes, or move on if she says no.

Just be confident and ask her out casually. Yeah it sucks being rejected but if this was me, then I think that the ambiguity of her actions--not knowing why she did what she did and what purpose or motive she had behind what she did--would be a lot more terrifying than the possibility of rejection. Why did she flirt with me? Why did she kiss me? Does she really like me? Is she just toying with me? Do I really stand a chance? At least if you approach her and ask, you'll get an answer to all these questions.

Be a man, Amaranthus. You're 15 years old. Even if you don't get a girlfriend now out of her, then you'll get one somewhere down the road. No matter what happens, you'll be okay man. If you decide to ask her out, then good luck.

OH! And as Splats said:
"Never put dat pussy on a pedastal"


(Updated ) Amaranthus responds:

Today we flirted a bit, then she put her hands on my shoulders and said:
"I have a boyfriend."
So yeah.
She also showed me a pic of her and her bf later that day.


2014-02-17 06:56:11

Oh so she has a boyfriend. I have actually been in a similar situation. A girl that I kind of liked was seeing someone else, and that's sucks. Also she knew I liked her so she and I kind of had an affair together (nothing I'm proud of). It was nice at first of course, but it drove me mad that she still kept seeing this other guy, and I wish now that I had stood and told her that if she still wanted to "mess around" with me she had to finish the relationship. But I never did that and after awhile she stopped being interested in me, and some weeks or so, and sure enough she broke up with the guy because he found she had been unfaithful. So in the end I just felt like and like I had been used.

Now your situation may very well be different from mine, but if she keeps doings things like this to you while still in a relationship and you if you like her, just confront her and say what your intentions are and that if she continue what's she's doing she has first break with the guy she with now because you don't want to be her toy.

Amaranthus responds:

Read what I replied to CiviLies.