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2014-07-06 10:53:38 by Amaranthus

Summer has begun and the sun is out

My skin is so warm and I want to shout

Covered in sweat and I'm feeling great

Get rid of the anger and lose your hate

Summer's here, don't know what to do

The sun's so warm, but I still feel blue

It's summer and a depression is near

I'm feeling awful and summer is here

Also, music.


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2014-07-06 12:11:34

Well, do you feel great or do you feel awful?

Amaranthus responds:

It's a 2deep4me poem about some guy that's happy that the summer started but slowly gets bored and depressed.


2014-07-06 12:17:37

Time to make a summer jam plan then... take your free time seriously, maybe go fishing!

Amaranthus responds:

I hope to get a job soon, and maybe hang out with my friends.


2014-07-06 13:45:26

Roses are red violets are blue
I don't suck
And neither do you
:D (that took me 6 hours)


2014-07-06 14:25:51

Hanging out with friends is a must! Can you legally work at 15 y/o? In the States, we needed 'working papers' at 14 y/o... I think a doctor had to sign off on it. Anyway, work is very important too, just don't lose all your money with your friends!


2014-07-06 17:37:00

My every summer in a nutshell.


2014-07-07 16:28:29

Expectations is a bitch.

inb4: so your mom

Amaranthus responds:

No u!